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Our non-systemic ways of thinking are so damaging specifically because they consistently lead us to focus on low-leverage changes: we focus on symptoms where the stress is greatest. We repair or ameliorate the symptoms. But such efforts only make matters better in the short run, at best, and worse in the long run.”

Dr. Peter Senge, "The fifth discipline"

In other words, we concentrate our energies on 'low hanging fruits' without really understanding the problem. The result: problems appear again and again, in spite of our efforts. Does that sound familiar to you?

Moreover, we are used to thinking that problems have only one root cause. The reality is that the combined interaction of multiple root causes is responsible for the effects that irritate us and prevent us to achieve our goals.

Is there a way to gain a profound understanding of the problem?, Is there a way to uncover the root causes of the problem?, Is there a way to identify the conflicts behind the problem?

System’s thinking methodologies can help us in these endeavours. In particular, Dr. Eli Goldratt, the author of many best sellers (The Goal being the most well known), and creator of the Theory of Constraints, has developed a set of powerful tools to deal with real world problems. The Root Cause Analysis tool (so called the Current Reality Tree by D. Goldratt) is an invaluable tool to find the root causes of problems and to gain an in-depth understanding of the complex relationships between symptoms (Undesirable Effects, UDEs).

Depending on the size and complexity of the problem, sometimes effects are far away in time and space from its causes. To deal with this type of problems, System Dynamics Cause-Effect diagrams, combined with computer simulation allow us to uncover the inherent simplicity of the problem.

As experts in the field, and after years of experience in facilitating multidisciplinary teams in Process Improvement projects, we can assist you in solving your problem. 

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